Our Work

  • The Bar is a unique profession and our Barristers provide advocacy expertise.  We work at the forefront of litigation and have the skills to present the best case possible, whether in court, tribunal, arbitration or mediation.

  • Our members can provide comprehensive advice on matters small or large.  We advise on difficult areas of the law, for example detailed advice about a contested will, a complex building/construction issue, or criminal proceedings.

  • The earlier the Barrister is involved, the better.  Instructing us at an early stage can help resolve a problem quickly and efficiently.  Engaging us in the early stages of litigation also ensures that strategic decisions are made when pivotal documents are being drafted.


Our Difference

  • We believe our strength is built upon the diversity of practice areas of our members, our accessible approach and the ability to work together and share information.

  • The advantage of briefing any Barrister at Chalfont is that you have the knowledge and expertise of that Barrister, as well as the combined experience of all members of Chambers, who frequently discuss issues either formally or informally whilst maintaining client confidentiality.

  • This collegiate atmosphere creates a set of Barristers who provide precise legal analysis, independent sensible advice and in particular the benefit of the collective legal knowledge of Barristers from very different backgrounds.